Monday, October 15, 2012

My Desk at the End of the Day

UPDATED 10/16/2012- I wanted to update this post to reflect the fact that mesk does not just look like this during the weekend, but in fact looks like this most every evening when I walk away from it.

I wanted to share what my desk looked like at the end of the day when all the paperwork is  done for the day. I want to be able to walk by my desk at end of the day or start of weekend and not freak out by outstanding items so my goal every after noon and particularly late Friday afternoon (though sometimes first thing Saturday morning) is to get my desk to look like this.  
There have actually been MONTHS where I have not seen the top of my desk.  It was several inches thick with paperwork. My outstanding paperwork certainly never would have fit into that cute pink plaid expandable file folder.
The daily file folder is empty until Monday when I will sort week 3 and start the process all over.  

If you still have questions about my paperwork system PLEASE feel free to shoot me a questions through the comments.

Hopefully I will get my post on my magazine problem obsession system done this week.

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