Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Goals- Parenting

You would think that since this the area in which I spend the most time that I would naturally be the most successful.  Quite the contrary, most of the time I feel like an "epic failure" (borrowing a much used quite of DS16).  I think i wake up every morning saying this is the day i will keep my cool, this is the day i will not raise my voice, this is the day I will not be bothered by the little things.  Then I get out of bed.  lol.  Seriously, some days it is like that and other days have their magical moments. 

All of the kids are reading Making Brothers and Sisters Best friends for school, or as I like to refer to the book when i am hunting it down, Making Brothers and Sisters be Quiet, or making Brothers and Sisters Get Along Before Mom Shoots Them.  I think if I could end all the sibling bickering then peace would not only resonate through me, but resonate through my entire home.  I think they live to torture each other some times.  Thinking, back i did the same thing to my brother ;) 

So as far as resolutions regarding my parenting I have the following goals for the year all of which will lead the a perfect happy home, or at least a few minutes of peace.

1) Continue my non-fiction reading schedule for Wednesday which focuses on parenting.  My current reads for this area are The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell and The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Ormartian. 

2) Leave love notes for my kiddos each week.  While I verbalize it every day, I want them to have it in writing too.  These notes will include lots of praises because I am honestly horrible at that.
 - I am planning on writing them a note each Wednesday and putting them at their spots at the dining room table. 
- I am going to try and find nice little love letter boxes like I have for Hubby too. 

3) Be more consistent.
- Be consistent in my praises
-Be consistent in my discipline (will be implementing a new 3 strikes your out discipline system). 

4) Be purposeful in having fun with them. 
-I like our family time to be engaging and fun.  We also like to watch movies.  We need a balance.
-The kids and the family got new games for Christmas.  I need to have plan regular family time where we play our games.  We use to be very consistent about this and then life got in the way.  This year I am putting it on the calendar. 

5) have more one on one time with each child
-even if I just get to go sit in their room alone with them or invite them into my room, I want some more alone time with my kiddos.  Meeting them at their level.  Just a few minutes of quiet uninterrupted quality time. 
- I am putting this on my calendar too.  If I can give fb one on one time every day (even if for a few minutes) I can certainly give my kids one on one time as well. 

I know as we settle into our new place things will calm down on its own.  I know as We become more and more consistent in both routine, praises and discipline things will calm down.  i am looking forward to a fun joyful year with these children whom the Lord has blessed me with. 

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