Thursday, October 06, 2011

Decluttering: Master Bathroom- Part One

So I am on a mission to declutter my home. I decided to start with the master bath for two reasons. One, I wanted instant gratification. I knew this room would be easy(er) and therefore if I got it done first I could run in there and jump around and celebrate my triumph when I am feeling bogged down in another room. Two, oh foo-y, I have been interrupted so many times in writing this that i forgot reason number two. Let's just go with I had to start somewhere. lol

So keep these things in mind as you look at my before and after pictures. First, I just packed everything outside of the cabinets in July and I threw some things away and gave some things away at that time. Second, i unpacked this room in August and at that time I had a box of trash (aside from the packing paper) and two boxes of give-away stuff. Third, again with the interruptions. I almost feel like I have pregnancy brain. lol

So this is my before pic of the cabinet that holds my extra sheets, extra toiletries and travel toiletries and meds.I started with the bottom cabinet. Again, the easiest. I have two sets of sheets for late spring, summer and early fall and then I have two sets of flannel sheets for late fall, winter and early spring. I also have extra pillow cases for my extra pillow. I also held on to a wool blanket we put in our vehicle that we put in there during the winter in case of a breakdown. I has able to get rid of two blankets and an empty plastic zipper bag. See making progress. Got rid of three whole things!

Next was the booger of a cabinet. All the extras and the "I don't want to deal withs because who knows what in the world I am supposed to do with these things" First I went through two containers of make-up. Some of which I had since I started selling Beauti Control in 1998. Samples and stuff I just never opened and used. The other was just stuff I stuffed in there to get out of my way. So I got sidetracked by a makeup that I found. Love that makeup brush. I loved it so much that I have had it since my High School graduation in 1989!!! Yes, I constantly washed and sanitized it! The reason it was packed away is that I did replace it with a new set from E.L.F. and I love them too, but I didn't know if I would so I help onto this brush 'just in case". i also got distracted with lipstick :D I found my favorite color, how in the world did it get stuffed in this cabinet?!?!?!

But alas, I got past my distractions and got the cabinet done.

last was the Medicine cabinet. I found empty boxes and empty cough drop bags. This was mainly in disarray. I did find6 tubes of B**t Paste. I kept 1 because my special needs son does require it on occasion but the other 5 are headed out the door. Also found a couple of tubes of A&D ointment from when my son was born 16 years ago... not sure why I have continued to hang on to it. So now everything has a basket or is standing neatly in the cabinet.
Ok, so that is one cabinet. I will show you my "get rid of pic" in part 2, but my intention wasn't to make this the longest post known to man. So it seems my master bath declutter will be a 3-4 part blog series. When I use to blog all the time I could easily go in and manipulate my text and pics to wrap around each other. It doesn't seem to be working right now and I don't want to get bogged down in that stuff so I am sorry if post isn't easy on the eyes.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying laughing here and trying not to wake up all the sleeping children. Love it! Much improved. Did you ever figure out what reason #2 was??? LOL

That is NOT your favorite lipstick, right? I don't think I've seen you wear that one before. Save it for the bedroom girl. Hubba Hubba. Hahahaha

Brandi in TX said...

lol, nope never did remember. this is one of two of my favorite lipsticks. Ones that I typically would only where on dates with Mike or like a special occasion where I am more made up. ;)