Friday, October 07, 2011

Decluttering: Master Bathroom- Part Two

Now this shelf hold things I use on a regular basis. Or at least that is the intent. But because my cabinets were so full it ended up holding much more. I must also add that right now all six of us are bathing in the master bath so towels for all six of us are in here. Once we get the hall bathroom tub fixed the kids towels will leave this bathroom so eve more empty space : )

The first thing I did was start at the bottom and work my way up. Not sure what is up with this system. Seems kind of odd to my. Kind of like my friend Christine who reads magazines from back to front. Ok, back to business. Under the shelf are my little space heaters. One I keep in the bathroom in the winter, because we keep our house REALLY cold in the winter to reduce energy use. And it only comes on when we are showering because i just can't come out of a warm shower into a freezing cold room. I also had a bathtub pillow down there, but I got rid of it because it doesn't suction anymore. The next two shelves up were the doozies. I had plastic bins that held all kinds of things. The only ones left down there now are: fingernail polish (I chunked about half the bottles) Plus my foot soaking bin was full of mani/pedi stuff. Between the two I was able to get all of my mani/pedi supplies including polish into one shoe box container and the soaking bin is under the shelf ready to use. Went through all the rollers and only kept the sizes I liked and will use on anyone.

I cleaned up all the towels. I am going to have two towels for the kids and I am getting rid of the old crusty ones. Once I get those truly narrowed down I will do a separate post. There are LOTS of towels in this house! The little three drawer container holds hairbrushes and combs (got rid of several) middle drawer is toothpaste, floss and a little container that holds tweezers and clippers. Got rid of several baby clippers (one- why do I still have these? two- why are these the only ones we never lose??) Top drawer holds sample lotions (that I actually use) and my cuticle and hand salves. On top I keep my blow dryer and I keep my flat iron just to the right. To the left of that container is our everyday stuff (lotion, deodorant, hair spray, mousse) Next shelf up is hand towels, wash cloths, cloth wipes (for special needs son) a container of q-tips and a container for my hair clips. Oh Mike's blood pressure cuff is on that shelf and Maddi's detangler.

On the top shelf I now onpy have my sound machine (which I use every time I take a bath), a spray water bottle, my bulk vitamin basket, Mike's bulk meds, and a shoe box container of bath goodies.

Now between my cabinet and my shelf I have gotten rid of this:
-a 13 gallon trash bag crammed full and SUPER heavy. i was quite surprised as I carried it to poly cart
-5 tubes of b**t paste
- 3 empty salad containers that I used like the plastic shoe bins to store stuff (this was me reducing, reusing and repurposing)
- a wicker basket*
- a cadoodle style box*
- a plastic container*
-2 blankets (one of these I am keeping but I am sending a different out in it's stead
-one bag of give-a-ways that will go to our church's Mercy Closet

The storage type containers will move from room to room to see if I need to repurpose them. Then if I find in the end I don't need them they will move right out the door.

I have already decluttered my bathroom counter but I will show you pics of that in my next post after I declutter under my bathroom sink. I also have a cabinet that I use as a vanity that I need to go through as well.


Anonymous said...

You have a monster amount of storage space. I guess I've not been in your bathroom. Wow. How often do you take a bath? I never bathe - just shower. I have some bath salts, though, for when I do one day. They are nice. Menthol or some such other thing. Oh, what else was I going to say.... Oh, the baby clippers. Yea - what is up with those? We seem to buy stock in regular clippers and lose them constantly - never is the case with the baby clippers. I prefer the curved baby scissors, though. That's what I kept instead.

Brandi in TX said...

I typically take a bath about once a week. usually the day i do my leg workout and I soak in epsom salts. Then maybe once a month I will get a "pamper me" bath. It is a lot of storage I guess if you consider the shelf we also put in there. Maybe one day we will pair down enough not to even need that shelf ;O