Saturday, October 08, 2011

Decluttering: Master Bathroom- Part Three (finale!)


I got it done. My master bath has completely decluttered!! Today I did under the bathroom sink and my little vanity. Plus I will share my pic from the top of the sink. That I actually did on Thursday. When we moved a lot of what I decluttered actually came out from under the sink so I was thinking there wouldn't be much that came out from under there. I forgot, however, that I never addressed all the knee braces from my oldest daughter's knee injury/surgery (two of which were at the tune of $500 a piece) and several wrist braces from all of my kids broken hands/wrists. I also had 7 beach towels so I got rid of one of the crusty ones. I need to get two new ones for next year that are a little nicer quality. It is not fair for anyone to get stuck drying off with an old crusty towel. For the records one of the beach towels we have is another high school graduation present. This is one of the most awesome beach towels I have ever owned. In 22 years, no tattering, no tears, no crustiness. It came from Macy's. The other things under the counter are: humidifier, cleaner, beach bag, clippers to do the boys hair, a first aid kit (that I originally put together as a girl scout to earn a badge when I was in like the 7th grade) and large bin to hold ace bandages and braces and such- we have a LOT of injuries in this house. We are kind of known for them actually.

My bathroom counter now has my Scentsy burner (with Vanilla Suede) Our toothbrush holder, cups and out weekly med packs. I will have to get a better after pic later. This one has my hot iron out cooling off and me draining a half empty thing of lotion into another lotion.

Next I did my vanity. I took everything out and off of it. I wanted the top to be completely empty and clutter free. Boy was there a lot of stuff in this little thing. I threw away a LOT of old makeup and make up that I had bought that I didn't like once I got it. In the drawer I know I hadn't cleaned that out in over 12 years. Maybe a couple of things here and there, but I haven't dumped the drawer out and trashed anything. It was like a little junk drawer for me. I had homes for lots of the items in there in other parts of the house so I relocated them to that area and then when I get to that area I will cull and declutter. So now in the top drawer I only have jewelry. It is so nice. Not sure if that will be a permanent solution, but it is the solution for right now.

In the bottom, I now have a basket that holds my makeup, a basket that holds my body sprays and make up remover, a plastic container for my lip gloss/balm/stick, an empty bag I use when I pack my makeup to travel and then a bag I put in my gym bag to take showers at the gym. Finally I have another little basket full of some private misc stuff.

This next picture is a plastic container full of keys I pulled out of my drawer. I know what about 50% of them go to, I just need to get them matched up and organized. We also have a lot of locks that are missing keys... I think I just found them. This round produced 2 bathroom trash cans full of trash and about a half of a paperbag of giveaways. The first picture is from earlier in the day and the second picture is from my finishing up (minus what I already moved out of the room.

I am so excited to have this done and next my oldest daughter and I are moving on the the hall bathroom and the linen closet just outside that bathroom. We have an ongoing problem for that bathroom and she came up with a solution that seems brilliant. We have already implemented part of the solution and it is going well so far. I will go into more detail when I do the recap of that room.


Anonymous said...

Again with the storage. Okay, let me just say this one time and then I'll never say it again - promise. You have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more bathroom stuff than I do. You are like a bathroom junk hoarder. And this stuff that you keep forever. Wow. You are going to crack up when you see my bathroom goodies. You are just going to laugh your head off.

I'm loving the series. I'm thinking of transferring my posts over to my regular blog. I am the little bit of everything mama, so surely anyone who reads my blog will expect that - right? Yea, that's what I am doing. It's too much to keep up with two. I think I've been through this before. Yes, I'm certain I have gone through this exact thought process before. It's like dejavue - except it's in your brain and you can't ask anyone if we've been here before, because they won't know. Or maybe I told you that I have had this thought before. Now I'm freaking myself out. Night.

Brandi in TX said...

Girl, I still have a second bathroom to go!!! I am a hoarder, didn't ya know ;). think it is perfectly reasonable to have organizing posts on your regular blog. Maybe you can xfer them over and keep the comments since they are both blogger. You have been through this before though and you r right it is very hard to keep up with two blogs.